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The Ruvi Challenge is not a regimented diet plan with endless rules and restrictions, you don’t have time for that. It is simply getting the right fuel into your body in a natural and convenient way and being active throughout the day. You’ll be surprised at how this simple challenge will propel you to a healthier, more productive life!
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30 Day / 90 Day Ruvi Challenge

Start drinking a Ruvi a day, and aim for a total of ten 1⁄2 cup servings of fruits and vegetables.
Stop eating or drinking one thing that is keeping you from better health
Go 7,500 steps or get 25 minutes of moderate exercise per day-you choose.


  • Find someone to support you during the challenge—a spouse, friend, someone on the Facebook group—anyone that will help you be accountable.
  • Document your journey each day. This will help you stay engaged and learning as you go. Keep it short, 1-2 sentences.


  • Better health, more energy, stronger heart and immune system, better digestion, live a longer, happier life…just a few small ones.
  • Ruvi t-shirt for 90 day challenge finishers.
  • Cash prize for 90 day winners—1st-$1000, 2nd-$500, 3rd-$200.
  • Free Product for 30 day winners—1st-3 month supply of Ruvi, 2nd-2 month supply of Ruvi, 3rd-1 month supply of Ruvi.
  • Free product for 3 random winners — Free Sample 8 pack of Ruvi given to 3 randomly drawn finishers of the 90-day challenge.

We will choose winners based on the most inspirational story of health or lifestyle transformation.


  • Start the challenge anytime in January.
  • Complete step 1--drink a Ruvi a day. If you miss a day, do 2 the next day.
  • Steps 2 and 3 are not required, but you'll see greater transformation if you follow these.
  • Join the Ruvi Challenge Facebook group here
  • Submit the following
    • Ruvi Challenge start form and the 30 day finisher form (we'll send this to you later).
    • 90 day finisher form (we'll send this to you).

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